Meet the COSSAP TTA Providers - Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

AHP and its partners are proud to serve as a TTA provider for the National COSSAP Jail-based Treatment and Community Corrections Program, supporting local or regional jails and their partners in their efforts to seamlessly transition individuals from in-custody to community-based treatment. AHP has transformed and improved organizational systems of care through TTA, business development, and research and evaluation for the past 35 years. In addition to establishing and operating technical assistance centers for several federal agencies (including the Bureau of Justice Assistance), AHP provides specialized TTA to criminal justice agencies. AHP’s diverse team leverages cutting-edge knowledge of research and evidence-based practices in criminal justice programming, substance abuse treatment and recovery, and overdose prevention to support COSSAP grantees, as well as other stakeholders, with knowledge and practical tools to build and sustain successful multidisciplinary responses to illicit substance use and misuse and improve reentry and recidivism outcomes.

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