Virtual Site Visits

This section of the COSSAP Online Learning Center highlights and shares the efforts of exemplary peers, programs, and strategies to combat the opioid, stimulant, and substance abuse epidemic. The presentation modes and approaches serve as virtual opportunities to engender a sense of collegial connection and community. Interviews with program leaders, subject experts, grant managers, clients, and key stakeholders are designed to create awareness about program services, generate ideas for participants to adopt and customize, and serve as springboards for additional, complementary training materials and resources, as applicable.

Goals of Virtual Site Visits

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To share and convey knowledge and best practices that inspire and enable participants to leverage the experience to make an impact on their own organizations, programs, or agencies and the people they serve.

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To stimulate critical thinking and provide motivation or inspiration to encourage participants to try new approaches or develop new perspectives.

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To showcase new, innovative, or proven approaches, initiatives, collaborations, and/or technologies and/or to offer virtual coaching and training on a particular skill, strategy, or process.

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To connect groups of professionals with similar missions in a way that will create networks for ongoing engagement, sharing of ideas, and/or educational opportunities while developing the collegial trust and confidence that encourage future exchanges.


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PRO-ACT: Virtual Site Visit To Peer Support Programs In Southeast Pennsylvania

The opioid epidemic has impacted southeast Pennsylvania particularly hard. According to the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance, the rate of drug-related overdose deaths in Pennsylvania is almost double the national overdose death rate.

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Columbus & Franklin County Addiction Plan

In response to a profound jump in overdose deaths in 2015, stakeholders from across Franklin County, Ohio, gathered together to address the opioid epidemic, discussing strategies related to treatment access, prevention, education, law enforcement, and recovery.

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